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Good morning, RVA: Staggering terms, Westwood math, and the importance of words

Good morning, RVA! It's 65 °F, highs will be in the mid 70s, and I wanted to ride my bike to work today. Unfortunately, rain exists, and there's a good chance of thunderstorms throughout the morning. Anyway, expect a drier, cooler weekend, with temperatures in the mid 60s most of the time.

Water cooler

Michael Paul William suggests that we should stagger School Board terms so we never end up in a situation (like we find ourselves in now) where one day in January 100% of the Board members are new, fresh faces. I know this is going to sound super anti-democratic, but what if we just appointed the School Board? I hate how it's treated as a public-office stepping stone and how it sets up this weird triangle of power between the Mayor, City Council, and the School Board. You don't see that sort of thing happening with, say, the Planning Commission. What do you think? Keep it the way it is, staggered terms, straight appointments, something else entirely? I'm going to set up a poll on the Patreon, and we can continue the discussion over there if anyone's interested!

Jackie Kruszewski at Style Weekly covers the continuing Westwood Tract situation (is it a debacle yet?). The Mayor, Councilman Hilbert, and now RPS COO Tommy Kranz all continue to wade in. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around Kranz's statement that a proposed development of 301 units (or even the 1,100 units from an amorphous phase 2) could bring 878 students to RPS. Also, I enjoy the final paragraph of this piece immensely.

I agree that we should not call whatever we end up with in the Bottom the "Lumpkin's Jail Project." Words are important—even the words in a budget document. However, I don't know that an hour-long conversation during an 18-hour meeting is the right place and time. Ned Oliver has the details.

J. Elias O'Neal has the word on a handful of recent real estate transactions on Board Street that are all adjacent to a stop on the Pulse. Transit-oriented development is real!

Friday Cheers kicks off tonight with Lee Fields & the Expressions. Things kick off at 6:30 PM, kids under 12 are free, and you can get your tickets online right here.


  • Squirrels beat Bowie, 3-2! That series continues at the Diamond tonight (assuming the weather holds) at 5:35 PM.
  • Kickers host FC Cincinnati on Saturday at 7:00 PM. You can get your tickets here.
  • Nats handled Arizona, 4-2, and open a new series at the Phillies tonight at 7:05 PM.

This morning's longread

Every Republican who voted for this abomination must be held accountable


I won’t mince words. The health-care bill that the House of Representatives passed this afternoon, in an incredibly narrow 217-to-213 vote, is not just wrong, or misguided, or problematic or foolish. It is an abomination. If there has been a piece of legislation in our lifetimes that boiled over with as much malice and indifference to human suffering, I can’t recall what it might have been. And every member of the House who voted for it must be held accountabl

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