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The Roundabout: Jon Baliles & The RVA Street Art Festival

It's the pilot episode of The Roundabout, a newsy interview podcast about Richmond, Virginia! On this episode, Ross talks to Jon Baliles—one of the founders of the RVA Street Art Festival—about what's next for the fest and it's Funn new location.

Welcome to the pilot episode of a new podcast called The Roundabout. I’m Ross Catrow.

For a while now, I've been kicking around the idea of a newsy interview podcast about Richmond. I thought it'd be cool to talk to the folks in the news or the folks who'd have an interesting perspective on the news. The Roundabout is this idea!

For this first episode, I wanted to learn more about the RVA Street Art Festival, an annual event that transforms neglected spaces through vibrant public art. There’s music and food and activities and artists painting mural, and it’s coming up on its fifth year.

I sat down with Jon Baliles to talk about the festival's backstory and to ask him to give us a preview of what we can expect from the next event, which will be held at The Diamond. Jon Baliles is Senior Policy Advisor for Innovation with the City of Richmond. He’s also one of the founder of the RVA Street Art Festival.

This episode of The Roundabout was recorded at Storefront Studio inside the Six Points Innovation Center in Highland Park.

The show’s producer is Kelley Libby.

This is a pilot episode and the first of hopefully more to come. If you like the idea of a newsy interview podcast about Richmond, you can support The Roundabout by chipping in a couple of bucks on my Patreon.

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