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Good morning, RVA: Pittsburgh, endorsements, and stairs

Good morning, RVA! It's 41 °F, and highs today will hover around the low 60s. It’ll take awhile to get there, so make sure you leave the house wearing plenty of layers.

Water cooler

Y’all! Last week, I forgot to mention that I’m in Pittsburgh through Wednesday for Rail~volution, a transit conference just as nerdy as it sounds. This impacts your life because Good Morning, RVA will switch into Lite Mode™ until I get back to Richmond. Take note!

Justin Mattingly at the Richmond Times-Dispatch has a long and thorough piece about where we stand on school funding, new taxes, and Paul Goldman’s continued attempts to run the City via ballot referendum 💸. That last one, in particular, bothers me—the City’s Charter is not the place to cram all of these aspirational thoughts and feelings about schools or Coliseums.

The RTD’s Tom Silvestri announced that [after the 2018 election, the newspaper will no longer make editorial endorsements](https://www.richmond.com/opinion/our-opinion/tom-silvestri/tom-silvestri-column-why-will-be-the-last-year-the/article_

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