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Good morning, RVA: Southside soccer, a guide for men, and 2nd Street Festival

Good morning, RVA! It's 75 °F, and...that’s today’s high. Expect a cloudy sky and these cooler temperatures to persist throughout the day and at least through Saturday.

Water cooler

Richmond Times-Dispatch Special Correspondent Vanessa Remmers has a wonderful story about kids, soccer, and Southside Richmond’s Latinx community. Great photos by Daniel Sangjib Min, too. If, after reading about this rad program, you want to donate to Richmond Conexiones, the nonprofit dedicated to organizing these Southside soccer camps, you can do so at the very bottom of this page.

Oh snap, the Governor is not screwing around with redistricting. Graham Moomaw at the RTD reports that Northam has pulled out of a fundraiser for Del. Stephen Heretick 💸, a Democrat, who supported Republicans’ recent (failed) attempt to fix racial gerrymandering by not considering race. Now for a two-sentence summary of why we need nonpartisan redistricting: “The Democratic plan, which was defeated Sept. 27 in a House elections committee, would have made Heretick’s 79th District significantly more Republican, potentially making it harder for Heretick to defend it. The Jones plan, which the committee approved on a party-line vote, would make Heretick’s district a safer Democratic seat.”

The women of RVA Mag have written a guide for men on how not to treat women (anonymously, of course, because they don’t want to get death threats). Here’s one excellent piece of advice they offer for all the Brads and Chads in your life: “Don’t be a piece of shit.”

I don’t even want to talk about it anymore, but the Editorial Board at the Richmond Times-Dispatch continues to churn out offensive, terrible garbage. I missed this editorial from a couple days ago where they ponder “Is it time for state to declare Richmond Public Schools a disaster area?” Particularly terrible in this one is when they tell poor kids that they should just try harder and that Hurricane Katrina was an “opportunity” for New Orleans. I had some more thoughts when I was angry about it on Twitter last night.

Handguns are dumb and dangerous and that a Capitol Police Officer shot himself in the leg while training with one should really make state legislators think twice before passing any asinine laws to arm teachers or school administrators.

Via /r/rva, last night Jeopardy had an “If I we’re in Richmond” category, and you can watch over on YouTube (at least until the video gets taken down...).

This Saturday and Sunday the 2nd Street Festival celebrates its 30th year. That’s wild! Learn more on Venture Richmond’s website, and make sure to read the bit about the Community Cubes Project, which will create art that becomes bus stop benches! 😍

This morning's longread

We Sold Our Souls to Drunk Driving

This is certainly A Take.

I'm not surprised that 50 percent of the team responsible for Madison Jane Lyden’s death will walk. The truth is that it’s very difficult to get in any serious trouble for hurting or killing someone with your car—unless, of course, you’ve been drinking. This is because drunk driving is pretty much our only motor-vehicular taboo. Menacing other road users in a grossly overpowered vehicle? No biggie. In fact, menacing behavior is so acceptable that we use it to sell cars. As long as booze isn’t involved, potentially fatal recklessness is basically just a form of self-expression.

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