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Good morning, RVA (lite): Road renaming, GRTC news, and Monroe Park

Good morning, RVA! It's 75 °F, and highs should settle into the low 90s today. A bit cooler than yesterday, but still pretty dang hot.

Water cooler

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville—which has become another place we say the name of with a certain inflection to mean a certain unspoken thing like Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook—the governor has declared a state of emergency, allowing state resources to be used in responses of whatever does or does not happen on August 12th. You can read the governor’s release here, see a helpful list of what a State of Emergency is and is not over on the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s website, and if you really want to get into the specifics you can check out the text of the executive order (PDF) for more details (like the authorization of $2,000,000 for “state and local government mission assignments”).

Whoa, the big public transportation news in Richmond keeps on coming! In his CEO Connector newsletter, GRTC CEO David Green announced he’d be leaving the transit agency for “new challenges and professional growth” at the end of the month. Green leaves behind a pretty impressive list of accomplishments including the Pulse, the redesigned routes, unlimited ride fare passes, and the as-yet-to-be-launched high school bus passes. This is a big moment for our city, and I hope GRTC will find an interim leader while starting a national search for some bright, amazing, rockstar transit CEO. Move to Richmond! It’s awesome! You’ll love it!

Oh snap! Mark Robinson at the Richmond Times-Dispatch has an actual opening date for Monroe Park! I am excited to have this bit of the city reopen to the public.

Here’s a big, long update on the Better Housing Coalition project up on Venable Street in the East End via Jonathan Spiers at Richmond BizSense. I rolled by there the other day, and it looks great. But, of real interest to me, is the discussion of the cobblestoned Carrington Street—aka the impassible street that you’re dumped into after riding east on the Leigh Street bridge bike lane. I’m not out here advocating for paving over super old cobblestones, but I am for taking the opportunity to think through providing good bike and pedestrian connectivity from these new residences to downtown. If reconfiguring Carrington is on the table, which it sounds like it is, we should consider all

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